• Resin Bead poster0300

    How does a Water Softener work?

    This is a video I created for Cargill, Inc. Marv Gilbert Video was responsible for the graphics, animations and video editing.

  • potato

    Don’t be a Potato Head

    This is a PSA I put together to deliver a message about Distracted Driving in a light-hearted way. I animated the Car and Potato Head models in Cinema 4D over some stock driving video footage.  …

  • Pace Web Vert

    Pace Analytical Company Overview

    Company Overview Video that I put together for Pace Analytical using After Effects and Cinema 4D.

  • Target

    Marketing Projects

    Excerpts from various marketing video productions that I’ve created. Clients include: Cargill, Ford Motor Company, Brandow Creative, West River Dental

  • MGA

    Midwestern Governors Association

    This is an excerpt from a video production that I created for the Midwestern Governors Association It highlights the manufacturing of Ethanol at the Illinois River Energy refinery.

  • Cargill vertical

    Cargill Animal Nutrition Awards

    This is an excerpt from an awards presentation video that I created for Cargill.

  • jodo_vertical

    On the Farm

    This is the front end to a wedding video I produced.  The wedding took place in Askov, MN.  It was important to give a short history of the location and its importance to the family.

  • laxfeatured

    Winning For Life

    This is an exerpt from the Winning for Life promotional video I produced. The Minnesota Lakers Select girl’s lacrosse program is affiliated with the non-profit Winning for Life. WFL is committed to developing positive leadership …

  • chick7

    Windows 7 Promotional Video

    When Windows 7 was first introduced, I entered a video contest put on by a hardware and software supply company.  I wanted to create something out of the ordinary and has some fun with it.  …

  • effector

    Sound Effector with Cinema 4D

    Doing a little experimenting with the Sound Effector in Cinema 4D. The only keyframes in the project are for the camera move.  All the animation for the cubes and lights and colors are controlled by …

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